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How many hours of professional instructor tuition will I need before I'm ready for the UK driving test and pass? This is the most common question I get asked as a DVSA qualified driving instructor operating in Brighton.

It is not possible for an instructor to answer this question, how many driving lessons does depend on the individual, as every individual is different when it comes to learning to drive. Here are a few facts that you should bear in mind when thinking about how many hours or driving lessons you need to pass your driving test.

1. The Driving Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) which conducts the UK driving test recommends an average of 45 hours with about 22 hours of private practice.

2. Your driving age is a determining factor, the younger you are, the quicker you learn, the fewer driving lessons you'll need, on the other hand an elderly learner will need more lessons to be prepared for the test.

3. Previous experience also needs to be taken into account, a learner who rides a motor bike will have more road knowledge than someone the same age who has no previous experience on the road and is thus more likely to be ready for the driving test earlier, and thus requires fewer driving lessons for test.

4. You need to be consistent with your learning. Many people have a few driving lessons, take a 6 month break, find another instructor have some more lessons, expecting to just continue from where they left off. This will not work, learning to drive is about building a habit, and you need to be consistent with your lessons which is why I always advise those wanting to learn to drive to save up or budget the money for their lessons so that they can be consistent and not have to re-learn old skills that have been forgotten due to long breaks in between driving lessons.

5. Use the time in between driving lessons productively. If you haven't passed your theory test continually study your books and the Highway Code. If you have passed the theory test, make sure you still read the highway code at least. You can never have too much knowledge, and it is important that you don't forget all you learnt for the theory test as any gaps in your knowledge will reflect on your driving.

Driving advice - How many driving lessons will I need?

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